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Congratulations on enrolling in the AGI Professional Gunsmithing Course online! You are about to start an Amazing and Exciting adventure, learning all about Firearms and will understand complete Design, Function and Repair of Pistols & Revolvers, Shotguns, Rimfire and Centerfire Rifles!

You will be receiving complete instructions on how to access the course and information about testing and technical support from our Gunsmithing Instructors by email.

Please check your email and if you don’t find the access instructions and information with an hour, make sure that you also check your Junk Mail/Spam filters.

Once you find the email be sure and “Whitelist the sender” so that future emails go through. One way to do this is to “Right Click” on the email and then in the pop-up menu select – “Not Junk” or “Rules” (then select always send to Inbox) or similar selections depending on what email service or provider that you use.

The next thing to do is follow the instructions in the email to access your course. You can also open the “Student Instructions” tab on this website. (

Again Congratulations, and we are excited to have you as a Professional Gunsmithing student attending the American Gunsmithing Institute’s virtual campus. We are here to help you get the training and knowledge you need to be a Certified Professional Gunsmith.

Gene Kelly
American Gunsmithing Institute