Course Details

Level 1 Professional Gunsmithing Course


The Level 1 Professional Gunsmithing course will teach you complete Design, Function and Repair of Pistols and Revolvers, Shotguns, Rimfires and Centerfire Rifles.

You will learn all of the systems and sub-systems that firearms use to function and once you have completed this course, you will be able to pick up any firearm, even one you have never seen before, be able to analyze the systems that it uses, determine what the problem is, and make the appropriate repair.

When you complete the course and pass the tests, You will receive your personalized AGI Certified Professional Gunsmith certificate. You will also receive a complete FFL Application training package.

See the Comparison Chart Below for Details. Get started for just a $197 Enrollment Fee which includes your First Month’s Access, and then 24 additional monthly payments at $197/month.

What You Will Learn

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  • You must NOT be a Felon and must be legally eligible to possess firearms
  • Must be 18 years of age or older or must have express written permission from a Guardian
  • You must have internet access and an internet connected device to access the course
  • All course instruction in delivered in English, English proficiency is a requirement to take the course
  • Access to specific firearms is NOT a requirement to effectively study and pass the course
  • This self-paced course’s study schedule is not restricted to specific days or times

Course Curriculum

175 Hours Total Length


Instructor Image
Ken Brooks
A graduate of and former instructor at the gunsmithing program at Lassen College, Ken worked full time with Bob Dunlap at his shop as a professional gunsmith in Coquille, Oregon before taking over the reins when Bob retired. Ken is a Senior Instructor teaching the design, function and repair system AGI is renowned for. He is a master at video Disassembly/Reassembly and he has also done over 200 D/Rs and Armorer’s Courses along with hosting on-going technical classes for AGI gunsmithing students.